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Message Subject This is it! YES on 37 needs your vote: Help defeat GMOs and Monsanto at the ballot box
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Myself and 5 family members going to vote it up tomorrow Op, talked to at least 20 people in the last 2 weeks about it. A couple who were apprehensive because of all the tv ads. They thought it would cost the farmers too much. I told them that I'd read that the organic farmers are SO excited about it, and it would help their farms like crazy.

It's the farmers who've gone GMO who will suffer.

And I told them that it won't be too costly for them, they just need to drop the word "natural" (which they lie about now) and add the word "GMO". No problem 4 letters less right!

Greedy assholes reap what they sow. Literally.
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