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Message Subject This is it! YES on 37 needs your vote: Help defeat GMOs and Monsanto at the ballot box
Poster Handle NoSilence
Post Content
Am I the only one with a bad feeling about Yes on 37?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4695650

Nope, I voted No on 37.

If anyone pays attention and reads bills and understands the consequences could see this bill is faaaar from consumer protection.

It is full of special interest exemptions. The main writer of the bill, and supporter who has spent over a million dollars promoting it, is a lawyer who sues companies and farmers for not complying with new regulations. He stands to make millions if it is passed.

Prices at the store will go up. Farmers will be hurt.

All for GMO labelling?? Do you really need a label to tell you what has GMO in it? Unless you buy from an organic food store that specifically doesn't sell gmo foods, then everything you buy has it.

Be smart, look at the big picture.
 Quoting: *Evan*

The time has come to take that first step..
What's worse, Eating Roundup and living a unhealthy life or worry about higher food prices..

I suggest, be skeptical and don't let your TV control your ability to use good judgment...

Step up and drive the wooden stake through the heart of the satanic beast...
 Quoting: NoSilence

Do you honestly think it would change the eating habits of anyone? Did forcing companies to put nutritional information on the packaging keep obesity down? No. Did it make people healthier or make healthier choices? No.

I don't think it would change anything. I am against new regulations.
 Quoting: *Evan*

Thanks.. I do appreciate your comments..
This test tube Frankenstein farming and processing of our food that we consume is getting way out of control..
Are you not concerned? Are you willing to let the big Agra-Chemecal Corps. experiment on you? We are running out of time.. Send a powerful message. Yes on Prop. 37..hf
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