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Message Subject This is it! YES on 37 needs your vote: Help defeat GMOs and Monsanto at the ballot box
Poster Handle NoSilence
Post Content
Diet Drinks: The Biggest Marketing Scam of All Time?

7th November 2012

By Joshua Corn

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We are surrounded by junk foods and beverages. They’re everywhere – in our grocery stores, in our restaurants and even in our schools. While I have a strong distaste for such artificial, highly processed goods, at least many of them are typically recognized for what they are. Most people know that Twinkies, Slim Jims and Mountain Dew are not healthy choices. What makes me really angry is when something that is bad for you is marketed as good for you. Why? Because it’s a scam, it’s unfair and it often has negative effects on the people who are most vulnerable – namely children.

[link to wakeup-world.com]
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