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Message Subject Urgent Radio show about the explosion at fukishima two weeks ago! Radiation now making people very sick in the US!
Poster Handle .9999 Silver
Post Content
I believe it was on the 16th of october, night time.
I saw. we have gone from .131 uSv/hr average over 24/7 with 1 min samplings over 1 month
... to .148 uSv/hr, with spikes in the area of .238 uSv/hr in the last 2 weeks.
The 1 min samplings include
single count jumps of 10-20 counts.
not much but a change... or 1.296 mSv/year I believe
(.148 uSv/hr*24)* 365 = 1.29648 mSv/year constant. feel free to correct me.
based on 24/7 data logging of the readings...

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