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Message Subject ok i'm posting this bitch cuz wtf!!!! "Jet Pilots Fear 'Chemtrail' Attacks"
Poster Handle Custodian
Post Content
Anyone who doesn't believe in the Narrative of Amerika provided by the MSM is a terrorist, period.

Think the 9/11 Commision Report was a cover up?
-- you are a terrorist

Think flouride and mercury are bad for you?
-- you are a terrorist

Think the stooges put up by both parties are bought and paid for by Wall Street Banks?
-- you are a terrorist

Believe in weather modification technology?
-- you are a terrorist

Welcome to the Fourth Reich.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26236447

I really can't understand why this hasn't been TESTED and CONFIRMED/DENIED already by an independent exhaust emmisions company ... what's coming out of the back of a jet liner such that 'chemtrails' are suspected to exist?

[link to mikephilbin.blogspot.co.uk]

TOO MUCH TO LOSE, commercially, by doing such?
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