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Message Subject ok i'm posting this bitch cuz wtf!!!! "Jet Pilots Fear 'Chemtrail' Attacks"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know what? This is off the limits! For a while now they've been using this chems over our heads as if nothing was actually happening. This is sick!

Whether you believe chemtrails are for real or not, our govt is certainly doing something and whatever it is we've the right to know.

And if they're not willing to tell us, then I'd put one of these jets to the ground myself if I had the chance!

You think this is terrorism? Tell me then how would you classify what they've been doing? AH?
 Quoting: Drago a.k.a Donthave


That's why I called for people to be held accountable and charged with high treason for either providing these planes or who is piloting them. I know it's not who is at the top, but it's a start and we'll get to who's at the top ordering the chemtrailing, through investigation.
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