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Message Subject ok i'm posting this bitch cuz wtf!!!! "Jet Pilots Fear 'Chemtrail' Attacks"
Poster Handle hoot no more/hasheater
Post Content
nah, it would never happen. Even the Michigan Milita only has 25 or so mini-jets[the home built kits that you used to be able to buy back in the 50s and 60s]in various states of assembly and readiness for combat. Why waste one of these on going up five miles and takeing out a drone spray plane? The government would only cover-up the crash anyway and it would have no psycological impact at all. Better to use directed energy weapons from the ground to take out their "fly by wire" controls and communications. These can be put together much more easily anywhere from junk satellite dishes and microwave ovens and would be much more difficult to detect and counter.
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