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The feeling, the sense we all have...it is happening and getting stronger.

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United States
11/05/2012 11:57 PM
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The feeling, the sense we all have...it is happening and getting stronger.
Regardless of December 21, 2012, whether or not it will or won't bring anything to fruition, the sense of pending danger seems to be permeating life in all ways and of all forms.

Everyone I know or run into feels something is happening or changing. The constant barrage of MSM, alternative or otherwise citing information regarding wars, weather, economics, etc., all seem to add fuel to the ever burning and soon culminating fire.

I'm hoping to get others to share their feelings of the seemingly claustrophobic effects of the world we live in and the pending "changes", etc.

The iconic "Sword of Damocles" has never felt more present than right now and I fear that the fears that we all feel, but not necessarily see, will collectively culminate into something...just not sure what yet.

FWIW, the other day I had this terribly realistic dream wherein I was outside in my garage and my wife came running out and said that she had just watched a Emergency Broadcast wherein NASA issued a dire warning that an asteroid or meteor was heading directly towards the Earth and that we all had about 10 hours to impact. The sense of "the end" had never felt so real to me, either dreaming or awake.

Faced with only 10 hours left is an interesting dilemma. I recall that my sense was to gather all the family I could and die together.