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Message Subject Northern BC, Canada Volcanoes About to Blow, Local Report, Seismogram Confirms ?
Poster Handle TheDude99
Post Content
Thread: Achack seemed Canada next at Volcanoe and Iskut-Unuk 2 days
... OP was unable to get in touch with Media apparently. ...

 Quoting: craftybiatchytwo

Lol, wut? He was unable to reach media but he was able to post on GLP?

 Quoting: TheDude99

He contacted CBC but they were already gone for the day. Another woman picked up on the thread. She's in Ottawa and is going to contact all the authorities tomorrow and see whats shaking out. Stick your BS up your ass. The hotsprings disappeared the day of the 3 7.7's that hit that area. There was also almost 100 earthquakes after the fact and continue to be in Prince Rupert. Is it inconcievable to you with the chain of Volcano's along that coast line and several inland that the earthquakes maybe could be a volcano waking up. You need to wake up fool. Take a hike.

Those people don't have phone lines as such. Satelite internet and ham radio's.
 Quoting: TrinityMountain

Screw you. Like all professional seismologists watching this area are deaf, dumb, and blind? C'mon dumbass, that is what they DO. I don't think it is lost on them. And just because it isn't in the media isn't mean they aren't watching it.
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