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Message Subject Jews Speak the TRUTH About The Holocaust.
Poster Handle KonspiracyKitty
Post Content
I think what happened was the Germans did with the Jews the same thing the Americans did with the Japanese.

The only difference is the Germans lost.

If you look at the piles of dead folk in all of those pictures, they're all emaciated. Starved, sick, whatever. If you're gassed as soon as you step off of the train (which "they" said occured) you don't abruptly starve to death.

When Germany was losing the war, food and medicine was scarce...And in those last days, I am sure many prisoners the Germans had taken, as well as the jews in the camps, didn't get all the medical attention they needed and died, or didn't get the food required and starved. If the US lost, our camps with the Japanese may have looked very similar. When there isn't enough food for even a quarter of your soldiers to have a meal, and there isn't enough medicine to treat combat troops, POWs aren't given priority when it comes to rationing those things.

Also, people don't realize just how nasty war is. Those emaciated prisoners...That's not unique to Nazi Germany. Look at POWs from any war, any country, and you'd swear it was from the "Holocaust". Look up pictures of Andersonville prison from the Civil War. Many of the infamous pictures of "Holocaust" bodies are indeed POWs and not innocent Jewish civilians.

So, many of the pictures show legitimate POWs, and it's pretty clear they weren't executed, and there are similar examples of emaciated prisoners coming from many countries and any war you can think of. That's certainly doesn't make what happened to all those poor people any less horrible, but it wasn't a deliberate genocide against people of the jewish faith.

People like to think that those horrible pictures they saw of the "Holocaust" are the result of a particularly evil people during a particularly evil period, something that never happened before and never happened since, but it's just not true. That happens in war, every war. That kind of thing isn't unique, and it's that troubling fact people don't want to accept.

This is of course, just how I see it. I wasn't there, nor were you, so we don't really know for sure what went down.
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