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Message Subject Jews Speak the TRUTH About The Holocaust.
Poster Handle Dutch Rebel
Post Content
What a ridiculous post. And what a simpletons agreeing with the OP, based on some words from a total of 5 or 6 people.

I noticed that a lot of the interviews were cut off in the middle of a conversation, giving a distorted view of the situation. Example: a survivor tells about playing football, to try and forget about the awfull situation. Question: how did you have enough energy for that if the situation was so dear...When survivor starts his reply, it's cut off. Now I would be interested in what he had to say, to get a clear image of the situation.

But the most ridiculous part of this so called evidence, is that at least half of the film is about survivors from Theresienstadt. Now I suggest to all the nay sayers to the Holocaust here to google Theresienstadt.

Then you will find out that Theresienstadt was a not a real concentration camp, but a model camp to deceive the rest of the world of the true faith to the Jews. Theresienstadt was the only camp where the Red Cross was allowed to enter and check on the treatment of the Jews. All other camps were off limit to them. In Theresienstadt the Jews were treated relatively well. They didn't have to do slave labour, were not in danger of being gassed. Unlike the other camps.

I suggest everyone here to watch World War 2 documentaries like "the Last War Heroes", where American and English soldiers who are still alive tell about what they witnessed when the liberated the concentration camps.
Just normal guys, not Jewish, but WASP for instance.

Ah, and to that brilliant guy who suggested that all those Jewish folk who disappeared from Europa after World War 2 just went to other countries outside of it...
Yeah sure, and leaving all their assets (houses, family belongings, bank savings etc etc) behind - unclaimed!! BS!!

Now that sort of totally contradicts the "normal" personal qualities you people accuse Jews of, like: greed, a hunger for money and power etc, wouldn't you say? Doh....
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