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Message Subject Deadbeat parents cost taxpayers $53 billion
Poster Handle LoneSurviver
Post Content
Ive had sole custody of my daughter for about 5 years now. My ex was ordered to pay the rediculously low amount of 125$ a month. Know how many payments shes made? 0$. The closest i got to a payment was when they found out she had a job, they deducted one 75$ payment from her check. She quit that weekend after finding out theyd be deducting child support from her checks there from now on. Shes now somewhere between five and six thousand dollars behind. I just had my lawyer file with the courts to get the amount increased (were shooting for 300$ a month.). I figure if I am not going to get paid, i might as well not get paid as much as possible. So far the actions the states taken for nonpayment is taking her license (which was helpful since she didnt have a car), and intercepting her tax refunds (which shell never have since she doesnt work). They put her in jail one night for non payment, next morning she told the judge she didnt have a job or money so the judge released her.

The system sucks. It doesnt work. These dead beat pieces of shit should either work, or be put in jail.
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