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Message Subject Deadbeat parents cost taxpayers $53 billion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In N.C. Child Support FORCES you to give them your social security number! They are very bias toward men, I have been on both sides and child support left me homeless and with nothing. Now that I have had custody of my 3 now teenage boys for 7 years, I have yet to see a dollar from their mother. When she had custody, when I couldn't pay I got to go to jail. ANYONE WITH INFO ON HOW TO LOCATE SOMEONE IN FLORIDA (that is where she is hiding) PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

 Quoting: Chop's

Yep ... DOUBLE STANDARDS and the Womym Pass as to
ANY Responsible Behavior on HER PART are REAL

Men don't pay Child Support for ANY reason? Licenses suspended, Jailed, Can't Work in any licenced profession since their license is suspended (electrician, plumber, barber, truck driver, lawyer, etc.). Women don't pay the Child Support THEY are supposed to pay? Well the Courts virtually NEVER CARE and won't do anything no matter how much a man jumps up and down about it.

Welfare mom has 5 babies by 5 different fathers ... is it REALLY the guy's fault that she can't keep her legs shut? SHE is the one out HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX ... yet she is The SAINT who society coddles .... while the guy is DEVIL who society wants to jail.

One secretary in our office, 3, whoops now 4, kids with DIFFERENT fathers and she openly says that when she slept with them SHE told the SHE WAS ON THE PILL, which she was NOT (ie: SHE not only lied, she was looking for a sucker)

Divorced and get laid off? In our state NO REDUCTION in Child Support! Your income is cut by 2/3 but there is NO cut in what you are to pay. Guess how easy it is to fall thousands of dollars behind then? Guess how long until suddenly you no longer have a drivers license so you can't drive legally so even if you get called back to work you can't get there? Guess how long until any other state "licenses" are also pulled?

Rule #1 about Men / Female relationships in this day and age (in the US).... MEN ARE EVIL

Rule #1 about Men and their attempts to have visitation when the woman uses the kids to get back at the man and won't let him see them ... MEN ARE EVIL

Rule #1 about Men getting women pregnant ... MEN ARE EVIL

Rule #1 about Child Support even if he is out of work or had income reduced ... MEN ARE EVIL

All of the above is because Women BELIEVE in the cores of their souls that Women Sould NOT Be Held to be RESPONSIBLE for ANY OF THEIR ACTIONS ... ONLY MEN are to be Held to be RESPONSIBLE. Women truly believe they should ALWAYS get a "Women Pass".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20589235

This double standard is the reason that the only easy, cheap, reliable and safe birth control is available to women alone. Women have an absolute choice regarding abortion, and the dads have no say. Logically, if a guy is forced to pay, he has a right to force an abortion too.

The only choice for guys is sterilization - not a good option for most. There are many male BC processes, but a lot of them affect manhood. Gossypol research was halted in the US although it seems to work just fine.

Ultrasonic temporary sterilization seems like a possibility, but I don't know how it affects hormones, or anything else except sperm.

Guys, we need to stand up and say NO to these girls. Keep the fucking going, of course, but stop their control of our lives.
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