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Message Subject Deadbeat parents cost taxpayers $53 billion
Poster Handle PeterAndrewNolan
Post Content
when I was first criminally victimised in the family courts I realised that most men do not have the intelligence or resources to defend themselves properly from these criminals.

So I made it my business to create the remedy for those men who are the "salt of the earth" kind of guys. Builders, plumbers, electricians, cab drivers, fire fighters, miners, fishermen, farmers, oil workers, electricity workers....you know what I mean.

These are the men that put food on my plate, a roof over my head, provide me electricity, indoor plumbing, furniture, an internet connection....all the things that make my life better.

Since these men did not have the intelligence or resources or time to take on these criminals, but they are absolutely deserving of the protection of the law as a right, I chose to create the remedy for them.

It is a great surprise to me that they do not want to use it. Instead they go back to the same criminal people who robbed them of their kids, their house, their futures and they beg them to stop doing so. It is a great surprise to me men would beg criminals to stop committing crimes rather than to put them on trial, run the due process of law, and then seize all the property of the guilty party so that they can restart their life.

But that is what men are doing...begging criminals to stop committing crimes rather than dealing with criminals in a fair and just manner.

All those men who are whining and NOT joining CAF? Stop whining....it sickens me to hear such whining from supposedly grown men.

And by the way. Don't be thinking guys like Paul Elam are out to help you. I have known Paul Elam is an agent for years.

I just did a video about the subversion of the MRA area last night...the reason men are getting nowhere is that you are gutless and the entire MRA/MRM area is subverted.

All you armchair activists who never do anything useful? You don't even help those of us who are risking our lives being in the full view of the Illuminati standing up to your criminal guvments.

As I say in this video....most western fathers are stupid dumb animals...they are useless eaters....they should kill themselves in some mans rose garden and be fertiliser. They are not doing anything useful above ground. They are not even defending their own life, liberty and property, let alone defending their children.

The vast majority of fathers in the english speaking world are disgusting manginas who deserve everything they are getting for being so cowardly towards women and guvment.

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