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Message Subject Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients (Photo)
Poster Handle smilesun
Post Content
 Quoting: Judethz

Here are comments from Mary

Mary Says:
I really like the collection. In the section about Frank I would like to point out that using the phrase “went nuts” may be a little insensitive, especially in this context.

Mary Says:
What a wonderful find and many thanks to Crispin for sharing this with the world. I had a relative who was committed to an asylum in California in the 20s, but in researching for genealogy, there were no records available for her. It’s as if she never existed and that is so unfair. Through the family rumor mill it was said she lost her only child and never recovered. I can understand how that would send a mother into the vortex of insanity. Bless her and all of those who found that turning inward was easier than what humanity had to offer.
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