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Message Subject Obama should hold Early Lead in Elections until Republicans get off Work
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
Post Content
Romney's prancing around the swing states in his bacon strip-stained Mormon tighty whiteys promising everything to everyone all while reducing our debt, hoping no one has a calculator handy to DO THE MATH and realize he's full of schiesse.
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

Here Thor, Let me....$180,960,000,000....

big number of dollars ain't it, that's the cost of Romney's 12 million jobs "Tax breaks"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27120400

And don't forget...he also won't touch entitlement programs, he'll spend more on the military industrial complex, all the while reducing the debt. That's not only magic underwear he's wearing, he's also got a magic calculator. :)
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