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Message Subject Obama should hold Early Lead in Elections until Republicans get off Work
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
Post Content
For being on a conspiracy forum....most of you here just DON'T GET IT.

#1. Obama & Romney ARE COUSINS.

#2. They are BOTH related to Bush.

#3. Presidents are selected.

#4. Neither of them give a shit about you and will only do what their masters tell them to do.

#5. Your VOTES AREN'T EVEN COUNTED IN THIS COUNTRY. They are being counted by SCYTL in SPAIN. A company with ties to George Soros.

#6. There is MASSIVE voter fraud going on. Electronic voting machines are RIGGED. There is NO WAY to verify a 'vote' on an electronic machine.

#8. You haven't had an honest president since Kennedy.

#9. If you vote for EITHER of these EVIL NITWITS you are going to hell.

#10. By voting, you only encourage your slave master.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 444635

#6. Agreed. Voting should be done with PAPER ballots. You HAVE to have a paper trail. With electronic voting, voter fraud is too easy (which is why they have Diebold in the first place). They claim that electronic voting gives the results quicker, but that's an absolute lie. Again, under cover of "convenience", they take away our rights, our liberties.

#8. Agree 100% that Kennedy was the last truly independent (not controlled President. I don't know if I'd use the word "honest". Maybe MORE honest than some). Not saying I agree with his policies or don't agree with them. But I agree with your assertion.
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