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Message Subject Obama should hold Early Lead in Elections until Republicans get off Work
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Morning DB cheers

Big day today ! Hope America gets rid of Hussein !
 Quoting: subzero86

Do you only dislike U.S. President Obama because he won't do Israel's bidding and fight Iran for Israel, sacrificing American lives, money, and our self-interest in the process?
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

No, I dislike him because he's slowly turning America into a Gestapo police state !

The NDAA and other executives orders Hussein has issued are just the beginning, I won't be surprised to see Sharia Law in the US at the end of another 4 years of Obummer !

I really do no want American lives to be lost in any conflict, despite what you might think of me I am a huge supporter of the US and it makes by blood boil whenever I hear that a US soldier has been killed by the barbarians in Afghanistan or Iraq !
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