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Message Subject Obama should hold Early Lead in Elections until Republicans get off Work
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Breitfart is a fave of yours?


Romney voters tend to be old and retired so your thesis doesn't hold up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27113136


Yesterday's rally in Fairfax, VA had a large number of 20 somethings. Many college students.

You fail.
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

I swear it's true: Obama supporters live in a alternate universe. They see things that aren't there....they figure math out in new ways....


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25676821

Well they are PROGRESSIVES are they not, the laws instituted by the Creator don't apply anymore, 1+1 is now 464536745,2 in progressive lala-land. Just look at that high mighty number much better than just a 2 as it used to be, PROGRESS!

Wouldn't surprise me if Obama thinks him causing the enormous debt you're in is something good, I mean look at that number, people clearly think this too because they are voting for a guy that is making your economy turn into Haiti, most of them only voting for the guy because his skin color, way to make an informed decision, stupid racists.

In a land where people were sane for the most part (unfortunately the entire planet is filled with mentally ill people, like 90% or something, people are craaaaaaazy)
a guy like Obama would get less than 1% of the votes and people would point and laugh at him for being a moran.
But instead people are just as delusional as him.

How do I know? We are way ahead of you in this department, you are going the same insane way Sweden are going, but you have not gone deeply into the sinful satanic and insane way Sweden has, yet... but you are on the same path of destruction.
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