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Message Subject Who in GLP sincerely believes that Romney will win tonight?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
he will win. it's not about believing.

look at obama. what has he accomplished?

in the debates he lost and looked like a dumbass.

he is just popular because many idiots see some hiphop idol in him.

fuck him and his gay politics. all people that vote for obama are only little scared sheeple nothing else.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27119834

The way we see it from the UK all the hype about Romney is only a way to keep the masses interested in the election. We know he's got not chance.
 Quoting: monfra

of course elections are about hype to make it entertainment, and also so the press can justify themselves

but i take a different view inasmuch as the new here is swamped with obama love. id estimate the 7/10 americans they 'interview' are for obama. unless you are clued up, anyone would think that from this sampling, obama will win quite comfortable, and i dont believe he will

when i say 'interview', it usually goes something like this:

who will you vote for?



coz he is doing good

and why not romney?

coz he is evil and rich

i expect politicians to talk jive, what truly pisses me of is the media - its supposed to be their job to be impartial, and they just arent
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