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Message Subject Solar Shutdown = Collapsing Atmosphere
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content

Really? I find that he instead presents himself as being occasionally more prescient than NASA, but overall still considers NASA as the entity we should base our understanding of space on. In what has he openly challenged NASA?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24279842

Subscribe to his videos, and you will see it quite regularly. In the meantime ... for your reading pleasure hf

[link to abraveheart1.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: TS66

That's not an answer, and I'm not interested in subscribing to someone who is clearly disinfo or clearly misinformed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24279842

You ask for a link, you get one, that's your answer.

Reading is fundamental.

Have a great day everyone. hf
 Quoting: TS66

i have been researching solar activity for years....years before i had ever heard of either GLP or SO.
he has been hitting on issues i had read about years ago.

some research papers written before most here on GLP were even born.

simply put too much strong solar activity...bad for earth....too little solar activity also bad for earth.

now here we sit in a very weak solar max. it is not having anything to do with the amounts of sun spots as much as the way these sun spots have been acting. there is some unknown reason causing most large and threatening sun spots to fall dormant as the come around and face the earth. earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere need an amount of solar activity to...as i like to think...cleanse it self.
there are other energies hitting earth that need to be countered....
the countering is just not happening today.

SO has seen this
NASA has seen this.
myself and many other who follow the sun have seen this.

so to you ....there are many learned ones about most things solar who are well aware about these issues for you to come by and try to debunk....i have to ask....what are you qualifications, data, and research to back you statements?
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