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Montreal Shakes Again - 4.2M Near Cornwall

Offer Upgrade

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11/06/2012 07:25 AM

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Montreal Shakes Again - 4.2M Near Cornwall
This is becoming too frequent for this area!!!

[link to www.montrealgazette.com]

Last Edited by *Ozone Baby* on 11/06/2012 07:29 AM
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Nobody told me there'd be days like these....Strange days indeed!

"It is our innate solidarity - not some despotism of the sky - that is our source of morality and sense of decency."
~ Hitchens

"The essence of the independent mind is not in what it thinks, but how it thinks."
~ Hitchens

"A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."
~ Sagan

I LOVE science and I LOVE space but I am hugely skeptical and don't trust a word NASA says.