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Message Subject How Many GLPers Think We're Screwed No Matter Which One Of These Idiots Get (s)Elected?
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
As the brainwashed lemmings awake on this grand illusion day of voting and believe that they will cast a vote that will count for a puppet that was long ago picked by the Oligarchy that will continue to further their agenda to make the lemmings feel that they have CHOICE. Then the propaganda media will continue the illusion that they are counting the votes. So the puppet will be picked and won't make any difference who is selected for there is only ONE BEAST they serve. The MONEY Changers.

In a world full of confusion, am I part of the solution, will it take a revolution for the world to change?
 Quoting: Shustah

Yes you are. You have the right mind set.
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