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Message Subject I Waited In Line One Hour To Vote This Morning, In A Small Precinct- OHIO
Poster Handle Sleeping Giant
Post Content
Yep! We almost couldn't find a place to park, ended up just pulling up to the side of the road and parking.

And I've never even had to stand in a line longer than one person in front of me to pick up my ballot but this morning we were almost to the door in a line. Seriously, our little voting place is typically a ghost town but it was packed today! And We always go at 8am, so it's not that we went at a different time from previous elections - we didn't. The people are showing up to vote in droves today, it was intense.

It was obvious many people had never voted before. One very large woman had to sit on the floor to fill out her ballot and then messed it up and had to do it all over again. And I've never seen anyone have to have the ballot explained to them before, but I heard the clerks explaining how to fill it out several times while I was in line. Lots of new voters or at least people who haven't voted with this type of ballot.
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