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Message Subject I Waited In Line One Hour To Vote This Morning, In A Small Precinct- OHIO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This sheepssheepsheepsheepsheepsheep
think that they choose president
Rockefellers and their puppet G.Soros have already chosen

and G.Soros in Spain company will "count" verycool this votes

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27130240

Yes he will spin the count in 6 states that have chosen to have SCYTL (a company in SPAIN owned by SOROS) to count their votes. Why is there no outcry in those states????
 Quoting: DILKe

Seriously bro these sheep are worthless, now I fully understand why we call them sheep. All I have is pity for them because they don't critically THINK for themselves. They follow each other as a herd and swallow orders. I'm very happy that I have awoken to this false illusion and it makes me sad when people protect this virus this fake false intangible illusion. They don't understand the question that they ask themselves "WHY AM I HERE?!"
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