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Message Subject I Waited In Line One Hour To Vote This Morning, In A Small Precinct- OHIO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Romney might turn out to be different, he is committed to his faith and i think the Mormons see this as a fulfillment of prophesy.
If Romney get's elected he will probably be playing by a different rule book and will try to use his position to convince people that his church is a good idea, the best way to do this is by bringing prosperity and peace, think about it!
These Mormon guy's go all over the world on a mission when they are young, spreading their beliefs, they are very prosperous,educated and influential .
Romney has the knowledge and experience required to deal with the very complex and arcane world of finance and economics that is behind most of the worlds problems, he is a career financial professional and has made billions.
If he does well, it WILL be the biggest thing that has happened to the Mormons since the founding of that church.
If he blows it, in the eyes of the American people then it is the biggest loss to their church and could have negative impacts for many years.
Romney has strongly held motivations to Prove himself to the USA and the world, this will be their time in the Sun.
Obama for 4 more years? i do not think the USA want's that.
I'm not a Mormon and never will be but think Romney has strong and different motivations,little considered by the media, he is bound to make every effort to improve things in the USA and the Left / Right paradigm might get chucked out of the window this time around, wait and see.
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