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Message Subject I Waited In Line One Hour To Vote This Morning, In A Small Precinct- OHIO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Prepare for the potential that Ohio will NOT be determined tonight ... but having to wait on the Provisional Ballots which are not even opened until 10 days AFTER the election itself
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20589235

Very good synopsis!
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant

Anyone know the logic behind a 10 day wait for these to be counted?
 Quoting: TraderRob

The logic is as follows:

For "Provisional Ballots" (in Ohio) once they are cast the Board of Election then first determins the Legal Voting Status of the person who cast the Provisional Ballot. (was the person validly registered etc. etc.). This is usually caused by an issue of lack of ID when at the polls (10 days to provide it) moving and not changing one's voter registration location, but also includes if the person was registered at all.

It then checks to see if the person voted previously via mail or via early voting.

Finally it checks to see that the information THE PERSON filled out (ongoing Fed Ct. litigation at the moment on this one) the Provisional Ballot form accurately and the signatures match that which is on file.

With 150,000 to 250,000 provisional ballots being cast in Ohio today they COULD determine the outcome if the race is particularly tight. In 2010 one Ohio Congressional race WAS decided by the Provisional Ballots.

All in all 10 days to perform all those reviews is easily accomplished in rural counties, but tough to get accomplished in the Urban Counties (the BOE's have an extra 10 days to complete their reviews AFTER the 10 day state wide hold is over with, if needed fwiw)
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