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Message Subject I Waited In Line One Hour To Vote This Morning, In A Small Precinct- OHIO
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
to vote for Obama, a Great President and a uniter. I am sure Chris Christie voted for him and Mayor Richard Bloomberg endorsed him and he's a Republican.

Sorry to say those here who believe the mega-wealthy robot Money Boo Boo will win, he will not.
 Quoting: Can't wait 23769860

laugh only by name. His actions say the opposite. get your head out of your ass.

 Quoting: DILKe

If there is such a thing as a RHINO, Christie fits the description.
 Quoting: TraderRob

Christie need money for his state. If he didn't play the game, Ovomit-Nastyturd would've held back. He's sweet, that way,-and he's proven it...look at the GM car dealerships he took away (all republican).

Unlike Ovomit, Christie really does care for all his constituents and wants to make sure they are safe and get the FEMA help they deserve.
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