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Message Subject this race is about good vs evil
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Americans have been CONDITIONED to think their National Elections matter.

The last American President that did anything FOR The American People was Richard Nixon. He ended the proxy-run by TPTB on American Gold using France to redeem dollars for Gold, and also ended The Draft. Nixon was villainized for nothing... TPTB would have assassinated him for thwarting their plan to Loot Our Gold, but JFK, MLK, RFK were too recent, so they assassinated his character and deposed him from power.

Before Nixon, you have to go back to Andrew Jackson...

It is No Accident that all your leaders have betrayed US.

Leaders at EVERY LEVEL of society, including corporations and professional practitioners. America has been systematically destroyed with purpose and those in leadership have presided over the carcass like vultures on a dead steer.

All that remains of America is to grind the bones and sweep up the sawdust soaked with Our Blood, Sweat, & Tears.

Your lives have been sold for slaughter and you think voting for who will preside over our National-Buchenwald matters.

What you want is any reason not to have to take action to become self-sufficient and Restore USA Constitutional Republic.

The vote is like taking the word of a serial murderer that "this time it will be different", you're bound and gagged in a deserted farm house, but you expect a surprise birthday party....

These fucks are All Evil and there is no distinction or difference. Of course, you've been programmed to be dysfunctional and hope for the best, and you buy the propaganda that the Judas Goat Media dispenses like opiates.

May as well believe your fantasies right up to the moment they cause your own death...
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