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Message Subject this race is about good vs evil
Poster Handle Lester
Post Content
Until the political parties in America are not private corporations, there will be no "free" elections or choice of candidates...

Think there' a one of these guys hasn't sold his soul to the devil to get in position to grab for the power; or appearance of it?

Plenty of people were in love w/Ron Paul, but that scumbag sold them ALL OUT when the time came for him to do so. RP would not "go against" the Republican party... He was proved to be a liar by omission.

Nothing of money and power is as it seems.

Romney committed TREASON against America with his Bain Capital with virtually every business decision he made.

All these fuckers have sold you down the river. The money our ancestors put up to build insurance companies in the 1850s, and later the industrial giants of the world has been stolen from US and their tax-base and logistic security removed to hasten our demise.

You think voting matters?
None of these fucks will even read the bills they vote approval of. Anything beneficial to Americans or our infrastructure is voted DOWN.

We are betrayed at every level, at every turn and you give your approval and "choose the lesser of evils"....
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