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Message Subject WTF !!!! I couldn't find Barry Soetoro on the ballot ............ so I just voted for Romney instead !!!
Poster Handle Fellow Ohioan
Post Content
HEY OPS...thanks for your vote!...We must do what we MUST!!!

NO..to socilistic agenda
No.. to REdistribution for opression
No... to the world that wants to bring us down
No.... to Union boses that want control over free minds
No..... to more executive orders to weaken us
NO.......to the assalt on our constitutional given rights
Today we speak and tomorrow we will celebrate!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25130922

If you still believe in the red team, blue team BS then you are hopelessly lost, or a shill.

To your first point, the military is socialist and Republicans don't have a problem handing them a blank check.

I don't even know what that second point means.

Third, we are being brought down from the inside by both globalists in both parties.

Fourth, unions are labor's response to corporations, so if you're against unions than of course you're against corporations. Because otherwise your hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Fifth, executive orders are the consequence of an imperial presidency that tramples on the constitution, so matter what party issues them they are wrong.

And last, the constitution has been officially dead for slightly more than eleven years by decree of the Supreme Court, an imperial presidency, and an impotent, corrupt Congress. Neither party bothers to even declare wars anymore.

This country is collapsing just like all "empires" do. We have not even begun to reap the bad karma we've sown, either. Anyone that belongs to one of the two dominant political parties in the USA is nothing more than a useful idiot.
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