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Message Subject Messenger of the Harbinger? Tree not destroyed in NY HARBINGER Important! page 8 new info
Poster Handle Machine42
Post Content
It is such an eye opener to see how things are falling in place so similar to what happened to ancient Israel. Scary what happens when a nation kicks God out of it.
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant

For being a conspiracy site I sure see a lot of gullible people. The bible as we know it today is a creation of those who want to control us.

Everybody gasps in wonder that so much of what we see is a fulfillment of "bible" prophecy when in fact TPTB pretty much know in advance of the sort of things that need/have to be done in order to advance a chosen agenda.Frankly, they no doubt have plans within plans within plans and a hundred different plan Bs if plan A doesn't pan out.

The part in the interview where there is talk about the US breaking covenant with god is a statement that somewhere in our past one of our leaders broke covenent with TPTB and X is the result.

silly people, question everything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25166359

You guys give "TPTB" way too much credit there Just people.
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