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Message Subject Israeli PM Netanyahu 'ready' to order strike on Iran
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The first statement was true, but the last, no. Ever stop to realize that the elite has dedicated most of their time to get people to live AGAINST the bible? Look at the youth and connect the dots. If Christianity was theirs, they wouldn't spend so much money and time trying to debunk it. The elite are highly religious, but they tell us that God doesn't exist?
 Quoting: cmoG530

Both of you are somewhat correct.

What the Council of Nicea did in 325 AD was FUSE Babylonian paganism with the teachings of the Bible, and slapped the title "Christ" on it.

Christmas, Easter, Idolatry, Worship of Mary etc etc are BABYLONIAN, and have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BIBLE.

Furthermore, the Elite aren't "religious" (no one should be) but they do follow and believe in the truth of the bible (as everyone should). The "Elite" know that Christ will come back, that's why they have Nukes out in space.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18526910

I understand that completely and do agree..The problem is that was written by a human and not GOD. So it is someones interpretation..Here in lies the problem with religions, they are interpreted to suit the wants and agenda of the writer.

As if the Omnipotent can't do that? Who are YOU to limit the power of the Almighty? Get real dude.

And you don't understand the reason for religions. The purpose of RELIGION is to separate people, and keep them stupid and dumb to the TRUTH of the Almighty and the words in the bible.

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary traces the word RELIGION back to an old Latin word religio meaning "taboo, restraint." A deeper study discovers the word comes from the two words re and ligare. Re is a prefix meaning "return," and ligare means "to bind;" in other words, "return to bondage."

You believe man can execute judgment on Earth via laws and rules, but don't think a Higher Power can't? Lol.

Live how you want bro, but remember this, your spirit/soul never dies. ;)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18526910

Funny you should mention that..My spirit and soul have fought your kind before and will again..
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