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Message Subject Do NOT vote 3rd party this election: We need to DITCH the COMMUNIST NOW
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Romney IS a communist you fucktard ,he VOTED FOR OBAMACARE AND MORE WARS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26618097

Wrong and wrong.

Romney is a STATE initiative, NOT a 2,000 page of unreadable Orwellian FEDERAL "tax" like Obama care. Romney made a compromise so that Democrats couldn't throw him out of office and then mopolize the Health-care reform ideas nation-wide --- if that were to happen, you would have communist NATIONALIZED healthcare by now. Much, much worse.

And no, Romney didn't get the best deal, but remember in Massachussets, 85% of legislature were ULTRA-Liberals --- and Romney had to make a deal that wasn't perfect, in fact showing impressive bi-partisanship. If elected President, he will have much few liberal influences & pressure on him than in Mass. Fact.

Otherwise.... acoording to your logic someone like Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and the WW-2 hero Bob Dole all are "communists" --- because at various times they too offered sweeping Healthcare reform, before being shut down by real commies like Ted Kennedy and the unions, liberal MSM, Hollywood celebrities propaganda, etc.

If anything, Romney-care is MORE conservative than what even Richard Nixon was proposing back in the day. Are you kidding me???? Are you honestly this politically-ignorant if not outright STUPID?????

As for wars.... they are a fact of life in HUMAN HISTORY. Even when "America was America" we fought against British, against Napolion, against Berber pirates, against Ottoman Sultan, against Spain, against Mexico, against the Confederacy/Yankee North, against Germany TWICE, against Imperial Japan, against North Korea, against Vietkong, against Grenda and Nicaraqua and of course the grandaddy of them alll -- against the Totalitarian Superpower of Soviet Union....against Milosevic, too.

And America was still rightfully widely considered THE greatest, most free coutry in the history of Advanced Human Civilization!!!!! Imagine that, you bloody know-nothing Paul tard fool!!! LMAO!

Oh and......Obama has kept Bush war going for 3+ years, in fact he sent Biden to PROLONG Bush war, but was turned down by Maliki in early 2012. Obama actually TRIPPLED the Afganistan war effort. He is using drones 10 times more frequently than Bush did. Obama sent expeditionary forces to Mali, Uganda, Yemen. He started the Lybia war and if it were up to Obama Syrian war, too. And worse of all, Obama's perceived WEAKNESS will result in Iran being so bolden as to start an Iran War in the Persian Gulf.

Even Russia is sensing weakness and sending their submarines to our East coast just yesterday!

Romney had to appease the Tea Party clowns during the Primary and generally his base. But if anything, he's LESS likely to go to war with Iran because Iran knows --- one wrong move, and it's all over for them. That deterrence is what will PREVENT war, you dummy.
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