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Message Subject Do NOT vote 3rd party this election: We need to DITCH the COMMUNIST NOW
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As for Ron Paul "exiting" as cleanly as he could...

Uh-huh, he already did enough damage to Romney during the grueling 20-debate, 9 month long primaries. By summer, his Obama masters probably thought Romney was finished, so there was no need for Ron Paul to blow his "Republican" cover by laying it on Romney a little too thick.

But all the same, Paul Tards did crash RNC. That further hurt Romney in key states in a close election.

And you are also kind of white-washing Ron Paul's not endorsing anyone. Hello, it's his OBLIGATION to endorse Mitt Romney. That's how it works.

Even the most radical Liberals endorsed Barack Obama, whom they mockingly keep referring to as Bush 2.0.

Hell, even Bill Clinton who despises Obama and feels threatened by Obama, who hasn't forgotten what Obama did to Hillary in 2008..... even Bill Clinton was smart enough to put his personal feelings aside for the GOOD of the party -- and lent Obama much needed help during the Convention in

Think about that for just one minute, before answering. It's incredible how disloyal Paul was to his party. Shameful.

And it's that party unity & party discipline that will deliver this election to Obama.

PS. And before someone chimes in with more "3rd party solves everything!" crap again.... ask Israel about that. They used to be basically a 2-party democracy --- Labor and Likud. Ask them about how the 3rd party worked out in solving all the problems as Israeli versions of Ron Paul and Israeli version of Paul Tards were screaming about for years.....

Hint: (Israel now has a DOZEN parties because of it. And things have never been MESSIER politically.

There is no doubt in my mind that Paul colluded with Obama. None. It brought him back into national spotlight with a bang, it gave him resources he never had before --- and Obama is aboutn to be crowned emperer in Ohio.

Thanks, Paul Tards. You've signed a death warrant for the country you claim to love.
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