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Message Subject National Grid Shuts Off Gas A Week AFTER Storm!
Poster Handle SpookyWatcher
Post Content
So I come home after work to my my devastation; no power but expect the usually reliable natural gas for cooking a late dinner...

No Gas, stove doesn't work at all.

So I fire up the generator, turn on the electric radiators, all is good for the moment.

This morning no gas, can't boil water to make coffee, OK so ever adaptable and resilliant (and it's been really trying!), I procede to boil water on the BBQ.

Stupidly I grab the meatl handle on the pot and get a fortunately mild burn, severe cursing ensued and then I notice my neighbors gas meter has a big lock thing on it.

I lost it, which i rarely do, went to my meter found the same big lock thing on it, swared profusely and proceded to turn it into scrap metal with a vengance in about thirty seconds (I'm an aircraft mechanic). The thing was about as tough as a master padlock.

I resisted the urge to do the same to my neighbors and he can do that if he wants, he's capable.

So anyway for 7 days following Sandy I've had gas and now they turn it off? If they really cared they have swam down here and turned it off during the storm or the day after.

WTF? Like i havn't been in the basement and turned the gas off to the flooded devices 6 days ago...

Really pissed me off but am now drinking coffee made on the stove :)

I'll live with the ramifications if any, they can bill me for the lock.

Best Wishes,

 Quoting: Frater

coffee4 Great Job! There'd be hell to pay if I didnt get my coffee too.

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