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Message Subject National Grid Shuts Off Gas A Week AFTER Storm!
Poster Handle Blue Skies
Post Content
They are shutting off the gas to houses in areas when the electricity supply is about to be restored to prevent the possibility of spontaneous fires in houses with water damaged power systems.

As soon as power is restored for a few house the gas supply will be unlocked.

New Jersey Natural Gas said it would shut off gas to the hurricane-damaged barrier islands south of Point Pleasant Beach to Seaside Park, as well as Long Beach Island, affecting 28,000 customers. Electricity will be restored to the area once the gas is shut down, the company said.

[link to www.nbcnewyork.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27130487

There is something REALLY 'FISHY'.....
like they say...."Something is ROTTEN in Denmark!"

Even if they were doing this proceedure of locking
your meter....you would THINK that they could
at least put a note on your door or NOTIFY the
neighborhood in a "town meeting" type format.
It just really STEAMS ME UP that the utility
companies are able to BULLY AMERICANS this way...
just because they CAN!
In my town in Montana, things are SO BAD...that
clerks at the local electric company are BEHIND
BULLET-PROOF GLASS and you have to talk to them
with telephones on your side of the glass...THIS IS
L.A. or something.....
Now...what's up with THAT?
Tell me this is a Democracy...I'll laugh right
in your face!!
Hang in there, OP...I think you are a real hero
and I would "knight" you for being resiliant in
the face of this disaster. Be Safe!
(Have one of these one me!)
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

I don't understand the locking of meter either. It can be done from one main source.....This doesn't make sense.
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