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Message Subject National Grid Shuts Off Gas A Week AFTER Storm!
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content
For anyone who read this thread whether to say good for you or you should be spanked, heres how it ended! BTW everything is fine here now, pretty much fully recovered from Sandy.

So 2 gas company guys come knocking at the door "Hey! Were here to turn your gas back on :)"

So I'm thinking like "Oh shit".

So I tell them "Umm it's already on."

They go out and look at the meter and the busted up pieces of lock and one starts laughing "Did you do this?"

"Yaaa, it was me" (I'm not a good liar) and then I explained
what had happened.

The first guy says "Ah, don't worry about it, I'd have done the same thing!"

and the second guy says "Saves me the trouble of removing that thing."

It turns out I know one guys dad, hes an aircraft mechanic like me LOL and we talked about that for a bit while they just double checked my stove and heating equipment in the basement.

Both of them shook my hand and left joking with each other.

No gas police for me :)

So while everyone else around me was freezing, I had hot water via my old school gas hot water heater (doesn't use any electric) and a stove to cook hot food on and help heat the place up.

My neighbor and her daughter were coming over for hot food and showers, so I was pleased to be of some help too.

I got a gasoline generator going too and that helped dramatically (lights tv and internet, oil filled space heaters etc..)

I'd say i did the right thing though I did worry about it just a bit.

Best Wishes,

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