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Message Subject For those still thinking about voting for the Traitor..the Ultimate A-Z guide to Oblabla's first term.
Poster Handle Debauchery
Post Content
This is for you suckers..you know who you are.

[link to funkypundit.blogspot.com]
 Quoting: Debauchery

for all you suckers:

Romney shipped jobs to China and had his American workers trained their Chinese counterparts.

Then, they packed up the factory, lock stock and barrel and shipped it and their jobs to China.

Romney's advisers are the Bush Gang recycled. You know, the same guys who drove the economy off the cliff.

Where's Romney's tax returns for the last 12 years and where is he squirreling his funds in off shore banks? Better yet , why?

Avoid taxes, oversight or both?

Who is the sucker pal.

Are things great? No. Are they better than 4 years ago when Bush destroyed the economy?

 Quoting: CASEY JONES 3741

Obama's track record is out there and it's awfully fucking painful to look at, isn't it?

You douchebags that suck on Oblablas dick NEVER have anything to say when the truth is laid out in front of you. Why is that?

Address his crimes and his shady dealings, please. Go ahead, do it.

Things are not better than they were 4 years ago. What fucking country have you been living in? It hasn't been America.
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