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Message Subject For those still thinking about voting for the Traitor..the Ultimate A-Z guide to Oblabla's first term.
Poster Handle Debauchery
Post Content
Anyone voting is a traitor PERIOD... -Ouch...that one hurts doesn't it?-

I wouldn't expect those who vote to actually DO THEIR HOMEWORK to find out WHY they are traitors to this world though. That would require effort and volition.

Instead...voters would just rather dive right into the soap opera that they're presented with rather than LEARN the nature of what they participate in. Its much easier than actually "READING" something.

 Quoting: Serenity777

Yes..we could just sit on our asses, not vote and pray to god Obama goes bye bye. That's genius right there.

He needs to be booted out. I'll vote for Romney. You continue to be passive.

I'm familiar with the bullshit you spew on a regular basis on this forum. Save it for someone else.
 Quoting: Debauchery


You VOTE...I'm so very proud of you. YOU FINALLY FIGURED OUT the quotient to win and CHANGE THIS ALL AROUND...scratching

Now tell me, did that plan work 4 years ago? Even better, 4 years before that...did that CHANGE THINGS AROUND? Hey...but, let me ask...4 years before that, where were we again? And how about 4 years before that???

You guys couldn't figure out a pattern if you were given the solution directly and then told to work backwards.

And we wonder why Americans continue to FAIL at mathematics. Geniuses like THIS ONE.
 Quoting: Serenity777

I see you giving everyone shit but never offering a solution..other than don't vote.

^ Funny how that works.
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