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Message Subject For those still thinking about voting for the Traitor..the Ultimate A-Z guide to Oblabla's first term.
Poster Handle Eggcellent
Post Content
You have definitely shown ignorance beyond compare. 4 years later the deficit has increased from the Bush Administration exponentially. crazy

I guess I shouldn't expect the majority of Americans to understand mathematics, since America is one of the worst in all industrial nations at it. Therefore, I won't throw figures at you that will inevitably confuse you.

Nonetheless...people like you, i.e. those who vote, are the reasons why this country has been destroyed. None of you KNOW VIRTUALLY ANYTHING and only believe the information you CHOOSE to believe. Hence, the reason why you can say something so retarded as, "Are things great? No. Are the better than 4 years ago when Bush destroyed the economy? Absolutely!"

This whole place is going to burn...Good luck to ALL OF YOU. You've EARNED what is to come.

 Quoting: Serenity777

The problem is, their stupidity will affect the rest of us as we circle the drain because of them!

When people go on about how "Romney outsourced all those jobs to China" they neglect to mention (or perhaps they are unaware?) that Romney's PRIVATE consulting company used PRIVATE money from people who were WILLING to take a risk in order to turn PRIVATE companies around, which sometimes, yes, involved downsizing and relocating. However, Obama basically just GAVE taxpayer money, over 9 billion dollars' worth, to the "green" companies which HE chose, and which subsequently declared bankruptcy and absconded with OUR money. We the taxpayers were not consulted nor did we give our permission for his "investments", nor would we have seen any "return" on OUR "investment" if these companies HAD been successful. Additionally, it becomes very suspicious to learn that ALL of those companies just "happened" to be big donators to Obama's first campaign.

Romney's firm received only an up-front agreed-upon consulting fee, and it was up to the individual companies to accept or reject Bain's recommendations.
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