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Why is there people here voting for the right or left?

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United States
11/06/2012 10:25 AM
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Why is there people here voting for the right or left?
I thought this site was about people who are awake and aware of the failed 2 party system. but yet many of you are casting votes on one of the 2 of lesser evils. Hows evil working for ya? Instead of feeling like your "wasting a vote", why don't you try voting for 3rd party. Did you know if Gary Johnson wins more than 5% of the national vote, the libertarian party will be aloud in the debates next election, the first in history. But instead there are SHILLS all over GLP now saying, "vote for Romney, its better than Obama". That is just pure ignorance in my opinion. We are here because we are suppose to see more of how the world works than the normal person. We see things that not many other people do. Instead of sending our vote to the establishment, why don't we vote for something new. Something not evil.


[link to www.examiner.com]

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/06/2012 11:10 AM
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Re: Why is there people here voting for the right or left?
ha ha there are fools who think it still matters. already a done deal, not sure which one. however tptb know who is up for f---ing us around for the next 4 years, they just want you to think you have say.


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