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Gary Johnson starts off the general election with 6% of the vote

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User ID: 22521718
United States
11/06/2012 10:31 AM
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Gary Johnson starts off the general election with 6% of the vote
Two-term New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is off to a positive start with the earliest voting happening in the nation with 6% of the vote totals. The small town of Hart's Location in Carroll County, New Hampshire voters cast their ballots shortly after midnight and is more often than not, an strong indicator for the end results of presidential races. In 2008, Barack Obama beat out John McCain by seven votes with no votes going toward the Libertarian Party presidential nominee at the time.

Early this morning, the small town cast 6% of their votes for Gary Johnson. Here are the vote totals:

Barack Obama 23 votes
Mitt Romney 9 votes
Gary Johnson 2 votes

Johnson is working to earn at least 5% of the national vote so getting on the ballot and raising money for a 2016 run for the White House will not swallow up so many of the campaign's resources - both financial and human. Johnson has not delusions about winning in 2012, however is setting up to run again in 2016 with more name recognition, better funding and support from volunteers. If he can garner close to or exceed the 5% threshold, then he stands a chance to become the first Libertarian Party branded President of the United States. If Johnson does reach the 5% mark, it will be a historical moment as no Libertarian Party presidential nominee has gone above 1.1% of the popular vote.

[link to www.examiner.com]
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-George Washington
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25390958
United States
11/06/2012 10:35 AM
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Re: Gary Johnson starts off the general election with 6% of the vote
and ZERO chance of making any difference what so ever other than keeping oblaster in charge of your lives