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Message Subject Write in versus 3rd Party
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Until there is a viable 3rd choice, it is always going to be this way.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23793796

I was under the impression that more people voting 3rd party will make this happen...
 Quoting: -GooGooFlexy-

There are not enough in numbers to have any impact, even if they all voted for the SAME 3rd choice.

In this election third party and write-in voters do not have a viable choice, so their wasted votes can only serve to help the Democrat incumbent, or the Republican challenger.

Since this is a close election, and polls show that most voters opting to NOT vote for either Obama or Romney oppose Obama and would like to see him lose, but by not voting for the only candidate that can defeat him, you are giving the advantage to Obama..

IF you had to choose between Obama and Romney which would it be?

As I said, at the end of this day, one way or the other they will have the man in the WH they want.

No third party, or independent can possibly win against the BILLIONS spent on Obama and Romney...

Maybe if that changes in the future a 3rd choice will have a chance...


Again, good luck!
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