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Message Subject NY and NJ don't fight it any longer - Florida is ready!
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
and when you get cut-off in traffic by an idiot in Florida, and they flip the Bird, it is usually is a NY or NJ driver
 Quoting: Beachbums

Nope, you got that all wrong, please all New Yorkers and New Jersey come to FL as soon as possible. Help us clean up this place. Why you ask?:

A - They speak english
B - They know how to use a blinker, keep right / pass left, use a blinker, red means stop!
C- Most are US citizens
D - They know how to use an ATM
E - They are capable of cutting their own lawns.
F - They wash their own cars
G - The don't buy a Rolex just to fit in
H - Most NY females have real boobs

Lots of vacant properties for them, come on down, you can live for free and perhaps displace the all the lawless illegal aliens down here. Please come!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3237752

Yeah...you must be thinking of Pennsylvania drivers...we peeps in NJ use our signals.
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