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Message Subject NY and NJ don't fight it any longer - Florida is ready!
Poster Handle ISLANDIA
Post Content
Very Frankly these people make me crazy...

My being born and breed here in originally in old Dade County and Now Jupiter/Tequesta Fl.

I know the frustration of everyone who does not want the New Yourkers here...

Who here has gone through Katrina or Andrew?

well I have, How about the Hurricanes of 05-06.

You tend to loose perspective when stuck for days in what seems to be a hopeless situation such as the oil spill or a tornado in the midwest or floods in Tennessee..

We lead by our example so since I cannot help out there, A liitle kindness here may help change an attitude.

That why I have the Demand for being polite.

Right now there is no finer place on this earth than were I live with my family.

Can you say the same?
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