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Message Subject VIDEO: Voting Machine changes Obama to Romney
Poster Handle MatterOverYourMind
Post Content
Half of you are morons. Obviously the machines were "calibrated" inorder to give Romney extra votes - four million extra votes according to some security analysts. In other words they were deliberately rigged to give Romney fraudulent votes. That wasn't the only machine. A great deal of these machines were most likely doing it in a hidden manner buried in the software after the voter walked away. Afterall one of Romney's companies makes the voting machines.

What's more is the machines shouldn't have to be calibrated! They are voting machines! The vote should be simple and straight forward.

It's just that SO MANY more people voted for Obama they overcame the election fraud that Republicans tried to commit like they did in 2000, and 2004!

Why do you think Karl Rove continued to be in denial about Obama being the declared winner even by Rove's own network Fox News?!! Because he couldn't accept that after all the fraud Republicans were committing, all the rigged voting machines that still that many more people voted for Obama! He didn't think it was mathematically possible and so remained in this trance of denial, that the Fox News chick had to say to remind him that Obama is the winner.

Did you half wits already forget about Diebold debacle in 2004 where the maker of the voting machines, Diebold promised to give Bush extra votes?!!

The question remains, how many of those Tea Party congressmen were illegitimately frauded into office by these rigged machines? What about the proposals?

You can BET, you can BET they are going to cheat by 8 million votes in 2016 if Obama and the Senate doesn't stop being so naive over the Republican fraud and do something SERIOUS to reform the elections and investigate the rampant fraud being committed by Republicans. Their phony investigations were just a cover, a point the finger the other way so it isn't pointed at them!

To the poster screaming to the OP to move their finger around. Hello! Did you not read what the maker of the video wrote?!! He is a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER! What does that mean to you?! He indicated he knows what he is doing and knows how to troubleshoot. What's more is he pointed it out to one of the election workers, who told him to ignore it, indicating the election worker was possibly in on the Republican fraud!

To the biggest moron, the last poster. Investigations were done into fraudulent voting such as "dead people voting", "dogs voting" etc... And you know what they found?!!! That it was REPUBLICANS committing voting fraud, like the rest of us with common sense already knew.

"In the best of all possible worlds for which the Republicans were searching in their zeal to find fraud, they would have found dead Democrats voting, in some cases more than once, non-citizens voting, live Democrats voting twice, etc.

Instead they found fraud being committed by themselves.

Strategic Allied Consulting was a firm hired by the Florida Republican party to register new voters. On September 29 it was reported that 10 Florida counties had encountered suspicious voter registration forms submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting employees. According to reports, some employees told people they contacted they were only registering Republicans, some forms had suspicious signatures and others had bogus addresses.... [link to www.commondreams.org (secure)] In Colorado an employee of the company could be seen on a video telling a potential voter she was only registering Republican voters and that she was an employee of the county clerk’s office. Apparently the company’s one rogue employee was mobile."
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