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Message Subject USMC requires males to be able to do 3 pull ups...... 3??
Poster Handle wtf is Moniker
Post Content
That is the minimum. I am fairly thin/athletic and guys built like me can slam out pull ups.

One of my best friends is an ogre of a man, 6'5", 260lbs, he is pulling a LOT more weight than I am. I doubt he could do more than 3. But at the end of the day he could dead lift circles around someone with my build.

Yes pull ups are important. Yes, after conditioning you better be able to do more than 3. But I can see 3 as a minimum requirement.

Only doing 3 doesn't mean your not strong. I don't think I could do 3 with 80-100 lbs on my back.

Just trying to give an alternative prospective.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18260563

I needed that alternative perspective, i'm a closed-minded type

@69 yr old. ohno
I never seen more than 30 done before
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