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Message Subject Voters being turned away in my city- SW Penn
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is the background on what I saw today. In PA we were told early on that we HAD TO BRING ID TO VOTE. Then, this was changed to next year. The official final line this year was "You will be asked for photo ID when you go to vote, but it is not required to vote".

I was waiting in line to vote and a young lady in front of me told the lady with the registered voter book that she didn't have ID with her, she had just lost it. The lady with the book looked up her name and sure enough it was in the book so she was registered. The older lady with the book then told her she could not vote and turned her away. The girl was told to find some type of photo ID and come back, she tried to explain to them that she didn't have anything and she really wanted to vote today.

This will not be law until NEXT year. That young lady waited in line to vote for twenty some minutes, she wanted her voice to be heard. While I do think that you should provide ID when you vote, that wasn't the law this year it takes effect next year. I would have spoken up for her and explained the election law to the officials, BUT i wasn't 100% sure which way it went this year I know next year it is changing so I got home and looked it up and sure enough they turned this young lady away when she was in the right this year.

So take your ID if you plan on voting today in Pennsylvania just in case these local yokels don't know their own voting laws.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8980350

Interesting because the log bog shows party affiliation. I wonder what this young woman's inclinations were?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22301087

I was behind the girl in line, but I couldn't see anything in the log book. I just saw them find her name. She wasn't white, but still she has rights and should be able to vote. It doesn't matter, to me anyway, if she was going to vote Obama. She deserves to have her vote counted too it isn't her fault that this year there was no ID required.
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