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Message Subject Former ‘Extreme Couponer’ Admits: It’s a Waste of Time
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have stopped using coupons.In the past there some really good savings but not anymore.
"Extreme" being the key word here as to why the coupons are changing so much.
Before if you had a coupon for 50 cents and the store doubled to a $1 you could see savings but then the hoarders started and its a thing of the past.
Now a lot of stores have stopped doubling,there is a limit of three coupons on 3 of the same items.Ever see someone with a cart with 20 boxes of the same thing and oodles of coupons,well thats been stopped as it should be.
Now a lot of the 50 cent coupons will require you to buy 2 items to get the 50 cents off.

Reminds me of when the companies use to offer rebates and you had to send in the proof of purchase.Seldom see that anymore because people were going in the stores and ripping the proof of purchase off the package and then putting it back on the shelf which made it next to impossible for the store to sell an item in a damaged package.
I was always happy to get a few bucks off my weekly grocery bill using the coupons as they were suppose to be used.But like anything else there will always be people that has to go to the extremes and cause it to be stopped.
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